Prevention of Online Radicalization

Over 80% of deadly terror attacks committed in the West were perpetrated by individuals who were radicalised online. AI can help detect and combat these dangerous radicalisation processes.

Social media can be a perfect breeding ground for radicalization of individuals, as information can be readily shared at a massive scale and potential candidates easily contacted online from across the globe. Before communications are taken to more secretive channels, oftentimes the first contact with prospective recruits happens on open social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

AI information technology is already being used as a tool to thwart these radicalization efforts. AI analysis of the communication flows, channels and use of propaganda provides law enforcement agencies with a better understanding of online extremism as a phenomenon. At the same time, rapidly detecting radical content and identifying both the drivers and the individuals spreading it can be extremely helpful in preventing its dissemination. 

Finally, finding recurring patterns and generally gaining enough insight about the ways online radicalization comes to be can ultimately help predict and, most importantly, curb future attempts.