Who We Are

Impact through research and training

We are a team
of AI Experts and Researchers

Dataietica was founded by AI researchers and developers to help cover several unmet needs in the AI for Security innovation ecosystem.

As researchers, we believe in our ability to harness our technologies for the good of society; however, there have been pitfalls and open questions along the way of this pursuit. We came to the conclusion that only by asking hard questions about ethical and civil liberties implications of AI in Security would research or commercial endeavours in this area be given a chance to thrive. We are now on a pursuit for answers to these questions. 

Our community will grow beyond the seeds laid by the founders, and we are looking to build a global ecosystem around the pursuit of transparency, trust and ethics in AI for Security. If you are a researcher, an AI developer, an NGO or even a Law Enforcement Agency, we would love to have you join us in pursuing our mission. 

“AI can be a powerful tool, enabling law enforcement to realise game-changing potential, enhancing its effectiveness and augmenting existing capacities in the fight against all forms of crime. It is also a dou- ble-edged-sword, which must be wielded carefully to avoid infringing fundamental human rights, such as the right to privacy, equality and non-discrimination.”

UNICRI Towards Responsible Artificial Intelligence Innovation