Protecting Public Health

Misinformation is also responsible for the endangerment of public health, such as false information about vaccines. In addition, AI can also help combat the illegal sales of fake or unsafe pharmaceuticals or vaccines.

A current and undeniable example of how misinformation can be tremendously detrimental to public health has been the shift of part of public opinion against vaccines –the fear of a link between vaccines and autism still lingers in certain societal circles regardless of how many times this claim has been disproven and debanked by the scientific community. Simultaneously, whereas a certain level of skepticism towards the COVID-19 vaccine can be expected, wild conspiracy theories about mass scale covered sterilization and 5G chip injections run rampant through instant messaging applications. 

AI is becoming progressively more capable of Identifying the sources of said misinformation, minimizing its spread and countering the negative mass effects it has, thus ultimately saving human lives.