Investigating and Solving Crimes

Many crimes such as human trafficking, illegal arms sales, and drug trafficking happen in plain site – or on the Dark Web – online. AI can help detect and investigate these dangerous activities.

The ways in which AI can help investigating and solving crimes are countless. For instance, AI and law enforcement partner up and work to achieve “smart policing”, where humans use evidence-based data-driven strategies gathered from AI analysis as an extra tool when conducting their investigations, or they can be used to dramatically enhance the identification of persons of interest in crowded spaces. 

AI algorithms can help pinpoint the digital fingerprints, markings and patterns of criminal bands conducting their activities strictly online, like cybercrime or hacking attacks, but can also help identify the logical connections between risks in offline activities, be it by analyzing the way the communicate online or finding common shared markings in all of the cases contained in law enforcement databases or sorting, tagging classifying large police operational data such as evidence or harmful materials.